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Natural Cosmetics


Moir Organics was created to reconnect back to nature. Products created with intention, purpose and positive energy to help people feel good with the products they use. From the packaging, to the product to recycling and the environmentally friendly aspect when you use it or it washes down the sink.
Reconnect with nature by using products that are created with intention and personal homemade touch.

Founder and Director

Owner and founder of Moir Organics created this brand to help people reconnect with nature and organic products.

But more personally, Samantha had been creating natural products for over 10 years because of her youngest son had severe eczema.

Being told by doctors and practitioners to use heavy steroid creams and cortisone treatments, which created a medical dependence that subsequently made it worse and had a flow on effect with his gut health, his skin, his emotional response and sleep.

He was always sick, had skin infections, was run down and his nervous system was broken.

Samantha decided to stop all medical treatments and look into alternative natural health to treat his skin.

The results were incredible, fast and improved his whole being. He slept better, stopped scratching and he began healing.

Speaking to families and parents who are experiencing the hard part of eczema. The sleep deprivation, the struggle,the guilt and powerlessness. 
Samantha decided to create and share the Moir Organics range to help healing anyone with eczema and dry skin.

Because every one deserves to heal and reconnect with products that work for you.

Let us help you get off the steroid cream hamster wheel and heal with nature.

Samantha Moir - Owner Moir Organics
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