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Natural Cosmetics


Moir Organics is your gateway to a nature-inspired reconnection. Our products are crafted with heartfelt intention, purpose, and a sprinkle of positive energy, aimed at making you feel truly wonderful about what you use.

From eco-friendly packaging to product quality and environmental consciousness, we're on a mission to ensure every step, from application to the drain, is a harmony with nature.

It's time to rediscover your connection to the earth with products made from the heart and a personal, homemade touch.

Founder and Director

At Moir Organics, we're not just about products; we're about forging connections and building trust. Our journey began with a deeply personal mission, driven by our founder Samantha's unwavering dedication to helping people rediscover the beauty of nature and organic solutions.

Samantha's own experience as a mother navigating the challenges of her son's severe eczema ignited a profound shift. Faced with medical advice that led to a cycle of steroid creams and cortisone treatments, she witnessed the toll it took on her son's health, both physically and emotionally.

The turning point came when Samantha made the courageous decision to explore alternative, natural health remedies. The transformation was nothing short of remarkable – her son's sleep improved, the relentless scratching ceased, and healing finally began.

This journey inspired Samantha to reach out to families and parents who shared similar struggles, experiencing the sleepless nights, the daily battles, and the overwhelming sense of helplessness. It was this empathy that led to the creation of the Moir Organics range, dedicated to providing healing solutions for anyone dealing with eczema and dry skin.

We understand the challenges of relying on steroid creams and the endless cycle it can create.

At Moir Organics, we're here to guide you on a path of healing through the power of nature. It's our mission to help you break free from the hamster wheel of steroid creams and rediscover the incredible healing potential that lies within the embrace of natural products.

Because we believe that everyone deserves the chance to heal and reconnect with products that truly work for you. Welcome to Moir Organics, where nature's healing touch meets trust and transformation.

Samantha Moir - Owner Moir Organics
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