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The three main changes that healed my sons eczema.

My youngest son had extreme eczema from 6 months old.

No words can explain how terrible it was.

Any parent who is going through can relate to the extreme guilt and anxiety that skin irritation and reactions bring.

Watching my child in pain and restlessness.

He would scream through the night.

He would never be free to be himself because the itch and irritation were always his first thought.

He never slept,

He was always sick,

Our family was suffering.

He was suffering.

The sleep deprivation,

The hopelessness.

I wouldn’t wish eczema on anyone.

It has insidious and ridiculous nuance and complexity that you can’t explain.

You get mad, sad, guilty, exhausted, confused, defensive, nervous, hopeless, hopeful and frustrated all at the same time.

You get bombarded with advice.

Try this.

Switch milk,

Stay away from this,

Call this number.

You feel like listening to a witch doctor because your doctor isn’t listening to you.

You see other people succeed with it and follow their advice, it doesn’t work.

You try meds.

You try exclusion diets,

You try nothing.

You try everything.

It becomes medical, emotional, physical and spiritually.

What to do?

I don’t what is right for you.

But this is what I found. After countless hospitalisations, working at a medical centre to try samples, checking every website, product both conventional and unconventional.

My son's eczema is gone, not forever but it is clear.

So I want to share what we have learned. Here are the 3 main areas that cured my sons eczema.

Eczema is 75% driven by emotion.

My anxiety ordinarily goes to my head… headaches, OCD, obsessional thinking etc. However, my son's emotions go to his gut. He internalises them and worries. Which leads to loose stools, food aversions, wanting space, and weird sleeping habits. He would also lash out or freak out and scratch.

When he got overwhelmed, nervous or felt unsafe ( not in an abusive way but didn’t trust the environment ) he would ask weird questions or would show an over-the-top emotional response. If we went shopping he would hide behind me.

Once we taught him how to communicate. I feel… I need… He might need space, he might need to talk. We may need to leave a busy place or party.

Once we taught him about releasing the emotional response by talking about what he felt, his skin became so much clearer.

Correct food for him based on his blood type.

Find out your child’s blood type. My son is positive blood type all the foods he hates are food he should stay away from. We thought he was fussy but when you learn how it processes in the body and the hormones. It’s been a game changer.

Chemicals are in everything!!

We changed to organic products as much as we could. Laundry powder, body washes, sunscreen, sprays. You name it we have a potion for it. My sons skin can’t handle anything synthetic.

We found just changing these areas, his skin is completely clear.

You wouldn’t know he had suffered as he has.

Now our way may not work for you, but these 3 changes we made for our son who finally sleeps through the night. He is excelling in school and sport and eats 4-5 times a day.

This is why I’m so passionate about organic skin products. It changed our lives especially my son, and how our family connected again.

I am here to answer your questions as best as I can.

What was your experience?

If you would like to know more about our skin revive eczema treatment, send me a message.

You can purchase a 200ml jar >>>right here

*** This is our story and in no way medical advice. Please see a medical professional for medical advice. All accounts are anecdotal.

Thanks for reading,

Samantha Moir.

About the Author;

Samantha Moir is the creator of Moir Organics brand. It began with a decision to change to natural products for eczema treatment for her son. Learn the driving force and the intention of this brand >>>HERE<<<

Homeschooling parent, home based hair salon owner, Moir Hair Designs.

Moir Organics and Samantha Moir Mentoring.

All the information is here.

Proud and excited to help you begin your Organic journey.



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