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Moir Organics is your brand for healing and repairing your skin from the gross chemical damage, steroid use, allergen reduction from low-cost, low-quality products.
We focus our formulations on the areas that matters, deep cleansing without removing your natural oils and ph. balance, ongoing nourishment rather than product dependence and soothing and healing with minimal ingredients targeted to uplift your confidence and health.

Moir Organics has made this our mission because our founder and family had extreme eczema, asthma and allergies within their household and spent 5 years and thousands of dollars on products that either didn't work or made it worse. It caused stress, anxiety and worry with very little solutions.

WE created skin and hair care that has results without the stress of reactions, allergic backlash and withdrawal. Our products have a shea butter, almond oil base from ethically sourced and high-quality producers to ensure you receive the best skin care treatment for you and your infants and babies.
You can trial a product and receive a sample to try by heading to our SALE section to try it on your skin before investing our brand. WE want to give the relief for you and your family that you ALL deserve for healing and confidence.

If you have any questions, please contact us for our story.


Skincare products


Shea butter has proven results for deep nourishing care and when used in its unrefined and undiluted nature it has massive healing results. We have had eczema touch our lives and manage it every day without medicines - we help families transition from heavy chemical products and nasties.

We also use almond oil in all of our products for the beautiful nourishing qualities and absorption longevity.

Your skin is the largest organ of the body, so we want to ensure it is absorbing and receiving the best ingredients for your gut health, immune system and body.

Our signature brand Skin Revive Eczema Treatment is available in many options for you to try.
Shea butter base, almond and macadamia oil allows for the deep healing and repair for allergic, damaged and eczema skin.

We stock moisturisers, serums, cleansers and toners for day and night use and makeup removal all derived from natural ingredients and oil bases.


Take a look at our organic and naturally derived hair care products borne from the need to treat hair without the nasty products to create visibly healthy shiny hair.

Perfect for scalp care, ends and treating damage without the alcohol, paraben or sticky balms.

We have created treatments that are great for your hair, environment and young children.

We focus on helping your hair feel, look and be healthy with minimal ingredients, stocking serums, heat treatments, scalp oils and sprays.


Beauty Products


The origin story of Moir Organics began with a decision to change to natural products for eczema treatment for our founder's son.
Learn the driving force and the intention of this brand.

Connect with Samantha, the Founder and Director of the brand here.

Owner and creator -Samantha Moir
Essential Oil


Holly Loxton

Sam!!!! This cream is phenomenal! It's so nourishing for my psoriasis that I have had since I was 7 (I'm 36) and nothing non-steroidal has really made it less uncomfortable. I cannot thank you enough for creating this incredible product! You're a life saver.

Alida Kennedy

We used the cream last night (me and the kids) … our hands are not sore today! I also popped some on my heals last night and socks and I can actually walk on my left foot properly today! Amazing stuff! Can't wait to see the results after a week. Thanks Sam!

Dee Hampstead

I have been using Moir organics -Remedi-oil for 2weeks now & the difference in my hair is amazing. Family & friends have commented on how good it looks. It just sits so well & is in such great condition. I would not hesitate to recommend this product

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